Industry Projects

We have initiated and lead PLASMABIT Joint Industry Project (JIP) which is a way of sharing exclusive knowledge and technology in partnership. Together we look for a solution to a specific problem requiring fundamental and applied research, practical experience and business view.

PLASMABIT – Joint Industry Project

PLASMABIT JIP´s goal is the development of the core technology focused on steel milling (P&A, casing exits, slot recovery) and hard rock drilling with enhanced ROP.

Membership in PLASMABIT JIP is a guarantee of significant benefits: cost savings ahead of competitors, technology customization for partner‘s preferred applications, expertise exchange opportunity with top innovators, etc.

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Our technology

GA Drilling brings groundbreaking PLASMABIT™ system, able to efficiently reach deep underground sources based on robust plasma generator. Our innovations are protected by a patents portfolio and being the basis of a know-how based upon innovative application of proven technologies. Despite the classical drilling methods, this one uses non-contact drilling process based on innovative approach modified for extreme thermal, physical and pressure conditions. It is not the method based on physical contact between the rock and the drilling platform, but it exploits electric plasma arc.