We are perfecting a transformational PLASMABIT® technology for clean and sustainable alternative energy sources to conventional fossil fuels.

We have already achieved significant milestones that prove plasma drilling and milling.

Our PLASMABIT® prototype has proven itself in “near-to-real conditions” test facilities for geothermal energy and oil & well applications, it can operate in the extreme temperatures and pressures found deep below the earth's crust.


  • Controlling 6000 °C plasma for drilling and milling
  • Cheaper and faster than conventional methods
  • Contactless, no wear and tear
  • Removes all materials, steel, control cables, cement, rock
  • Real Time Data Analyses
  • Safe and environmentally sound

GA Drilling in numbers

19 grants
16 unique technology inventions and technical solutions
2 utility models
9 years in R&D for drilling, well construction and intervention
Representation in 4 countries
110+ employees
20+ doctoral level employees
60+ master level engineers