Energy consumption in 2050 will increase by 50%

A current path to 3,5 degrees increase leads to a climate disaster. The world unites behind the call for a reduction in carbon emissions against the climate change. Ever growing energy generation demands can no longer be supplied by burning fossil fuels.

A green transition is underway. Traditional renewable energy sources are at the front of the line as solutions. But to tackle the size of a climate change, a unique solution with global impact is needed.

Significant tech disruption in renewables is needed now

Small changes will not help. A robust technological revolution is rolling out soon to replace fossil fuels on a large scale.

To make the energy generation transition happen, we need to scale up renewable energy sources quickly. If we continue with the current solar, wind and hydro technologies, we will fall short of the climate change mitigation and even the path of 2 degrees can be out of reach.

Can we cover increased energy demands and replace fossil fuels?

The current state of renewables – primarily wind and solar power, won’t be sufficient to replace the heat, light and mobility we’ve come to expect from traditional fossil fuels.

While useful and promising, wind and solar are transient, interruptible and need back up by fossil sources (coal, natural gas) that significantly devalue the positive impact of renewable use.

Geothermal has the distinct capability of replacing coal-fired power plants on a 1:1 basis. But predictions for the geothermal share in the 2030 energy mix are currently below 1%, and that´s not enough.

Scalable Geothermal

Geothermal energy is the only renewable source of clean and baseload energy, available 24/7/365. It works regardless of weather conditions or the day-night cycle.

The hot core of the Earth is the biggest, accessible, and most sustainable “battery”– 99% of its volume is hotter than 1000˚C. It is a constant and predictable source of “free” energy, that will last for 6 billion years.

deep geothermal energy resource

Every single place on the Earth has access to geothermal energy.

To make the geothermal energy available and to use it the most efficient way, it´s essential for us, at GA Drilling, to answer the following questions:

  • How deep is the source of geothermal energy
  • Through which geological layers is necessary to drill
  • For how many people and for what purposes this source serves
  • What energy needs are prior in the region, whether it is electricity, heating or cooling, water desalination, or other
  • What functional partnerships are available in a region to carry out a project
geothermal energy

We enable a scalable series of geothermal solutions, each deeper and more efficient for a larger scale.

Using our expertise in underground Engineered Geothermal Systems, we focus on the innovative subsurface systems. In conjunction with our partners, we combine this with the proven construction of scalable surface infrastructure.

Our solutions are a synergy of:

  • Our patented PLASMABIT® drilling system to access geothermal energy in the required depth
  • Extensive expertise of the conventional drilling from the oil & gas industry
  • Best practices from successful geothermal projects worldwide

The deeper we drill, the more energy we get.

Benefits of ultra-deep geothermal energy at glance:

High efficiency
electricity production

geothermal energy

& cooling

geothermal energy

Water desalination
& purification



Geothermal anywhere drilling

Hydrogen fuel production

hydrogen fuel

All benefits of ultra-deep geothermal energy result in local value production, new jobs creation and a sustainable community living.

Our intelligent drilling platform PLASMABIT® overcomes all current deep-drilling challenges. With our unique technology, we can drill to the previously prohibitive depths of up to 10 km and unlock clean, inexpensive, baseload geothermal energy anywhere.

By combining PLASMABIT® solution with conventional off the shelf modular system, in conjunction with engineering, procurement, and construction partners, we will deliver the ultra-deep geothermal energy at low cost anywhere.

geothermal energy source

By accessing very high temperatures in depths, PLASMABIT® will unlock the whole cascade of applications, which can turn geothermal power into the most versatile, constant and least expensive source of energy available.

Our ultra-deep geothermal solution will promote local production, self-sufficiency, resiliency, and averts the climate crisis.

alternative energy sources

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