Geothermal Anywhere is the very initial point, why Igor, Dusan, Ivan and Tomas founded GA Drilling in 2008. We aim to make the idea of geothermal energy anywhere and for anyone in the world to happen.

After years of research & development of contactless plasma drilling and milling, as well as substantial infrastructure investments, we reached an advanced level of expertise and high self-sufficiency in manufacturing and testing.

deep drilling co-founders

We build on the know-how of the world’s top experts and major drilling companies. We cooperate with internationally experienced senior experts in both drilling and geothermal industries. Our decisions are based on an exceptional knowledge of climate change policies and green energy thanks to the involvement of our advisors that share our vision.

We’ve found support in public grant competitions, as well as in the corporate partnerships and private investments

renewable resources
  • 20+ grants won for new technologies in drilling, well construction and intervention
  • 20+ unique technology inventions and technical solutions and 5 utility models
  • 100+ employees in 4 branches in Slovakia, UK, US, UAE
  • The expert internal team of 15+ doctoral level and 55+ master level engineers
  • A synergy of geothermal, drilling and cleantech expertise in the team and advisory board
  • State of the art Technology Centre, covering 4000 m2
  • 80% of components manufactured inhouse in own professional facilities
Geothermal anywhere drilling

We believe in:



Giving and receiving trust is fundamental for us.



We always think big and seek for ways which others don’t.



We are the best in things that really matter.



Striving for success, learning from failures. Getting through anything.



Personal accountability for own actions and results.


Management Board

Igor Kocis

Igor Kocis Co-founder & CEO

20+ years of engineering, business and managerial leadership experience. ​ Serial entrepreneur in energy and IT. Selected as one of the TOP 100 innovators in Central and Eastern Europe.​

Tomas Kristofic

Tomas Kristofic Co-founder & CTO

20+ years of experience in R&D management specialized in process automation, electronics and embedded system communication for preserving reliability in harsh environments.​

Dusan Kocis

Dusan Kocis Co-founder & COO

20+ years of experience in R&D and business development. Currently leading the company’s operations, field operations and business support functions. ​

Ivan Kocis

Ivan Kocis Co-founder & Chief Scientist

Engineering and industry veteran with 50 years of experience in leading positions with large organisations and successful start-ups. Acts as a member of scientific bodies of EU.​

Experts' Advisory Board

Floris Ansingh

Floris Ansingh Business Growth

Long-standing manager and CEO of Royal Dutch companies all over the world, currently active in the Middle East in a wide range of Advisory and Consulting roles. ​

Mikhail Gelfgat

Mikhail Gelfgat Technology Development

Mikhail has 50-years work experience in the petroleum industry, and participated in the realization of ultra-deep wells drilling projects and drilling technologies development.

Ferenc Farkas

Ferenc Farkas Upstream Business Development

Business advisory and management expert from oil & gas business and investment banking, currently focused on upstream business development in multi-national companies.​

Roy Baria

Roy Baria Geothermal Energy

Experienced world-class professional and advisor in the field of Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS), who directed several geothermal companies.​

Eric Redman

Eric Redman Energy and Climate

The CEO of Thunderbolt Clean Energy LLC, a consulting firm for clean energy companies, and the former CEO of a developer of climate-friendly energy projects. ​

Gerald Grohmann

Gerald Grohmann Business Strategy

The head of Schoeller-Bleckmann Oilfield Equipment AG with expertise on drilling components and hi-tech downhole tools.​


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