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How does ANCHORBIT® enable deep geothermal drilling?

Our latest technology ANCHORBIT® is a solution based on the expertise of GA Drilling team’s years of experience in downhole movement systems and mechanical drill bits. GA Drilling has been designing “walking” downhole mechanisms to keep synchronization between the plasma disintegration process and the rest of the drill string for several years now.

ANCHORBIT® drilling system works to prevent stick-slip by:

  • Attaching behind the PDC and mud motor
  • Extending pistons to grip wellbore
  • Drilling starts and torque is reacted by ANCHORBIT® lower pistons
  • WOB is provided conventionally from the drill string
  • While the lower module grips the upper module moves downhole
  • At end of stroke, upper pistons extend and lower pistons retract
  • The process reverses and repeats moving downhole @ 2 x ROP

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ANCHORBIT® is an excellent mixture of existing technologies, ‘spiced’ by unique innovations. As a result, it brings unparalleled enhancement in drilling performance and consistency to existing drilling technologies. It is a long-awaited leap on the path to the breakthrough technology enabler of a geothermal revolution.” – Tomas Kristofic, Co-Founder and CTO of GA Drilling

Press Release: ANCHORBIT® Press Release April 26, 2023 

The core ANCHORBIT® technology platform
is vetted and validated by major industry players:

Geothermal anywhere drilling

Capability to test and simulate from idea to manufacturing

Geothermal anywhere drilling

Thousands of tests drilled through all materials with a high rate of penetration

Geothermal anywhere drilling

A proven lifetime in well high temperature and high-pressure enviroment

Geothermal anywhere drilling

Passed due diligence by industry, major banks and energy companies

ANCHORBIT® has potential to accelerate transition to cleantech in several industries

By accessing very high temperatures in depths, ANCHORBIT® will unlock an entire cascade of applications, which can turn geothermal power into the most versatile, constant and least expensive source of energy available. Our ultra-deep geothermal solution will promote local production, self-sufficiency, resiliency, and averts the climate crisis.


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