Why work with us?

We offer a fascinating and exciting opportunity for experienced oil & gas professionals to deliver step-change drilling and milling plasma-based technology to global market.

Who we are?

GA Drilling is a multinational company based in the heart of Europe, having branches in Aberdeen and Bristol in the United Kingdom, and in Masdar City in The United Arab Emirates. Our patented plasma-based technology has considerable benefits, not just through the commercial application aspects, but also for its green-tech approach, blending the traditional accepted and proven practices with a bit of futuristic technology.

We Run Multidisciplinary Projects

GA Drilling’s patented PLASMABIT technology brings significant reduction in operational time and cost savings – drilling faster, deeper and cheaper through any material, including hard rock and steel. This technology has multiple applications within oil and gas decommissioning, cutting, P&A milling and challenging deep drilling environments within deepwater and pre-salts regions in addition to complex tunnelling and mineral exploration, hydrogen generation, reservoir stimulation and desalination.

We are Tackling Great Global Challenges

PLASMABIT’s utmost potential is to unlock clean, base load, ultra-deep geothermal power almost anywhere globally at a lower price. This will have potential to replace all fossil fuel energy generation and a massive positive impact on climate change. Thus, GA Drilling’s patented PLASMABIT can be answer to some of the grand global challenges, it can significantly help to resolve problems with sustainable energy, water, food and environment.

Join Goal Oriented Entrepreneurs with Vision

We think big, always having our main goal in mind – to enable clean and baseload geothermal energy to anyone and anywhere in the world. But before this may happen, we are hard at delivering technology for decommissioning of the old wells to the P&A market, headed by leadership team.

Karl Farrow, Commerce Business & Strategy Director: “I am amazed by the technology and the far-reaching impact it will have on the industry. Helping GA commercialize a technology that is a step-change approach for the industry is a challenge I am looking forward to, it’s a green-tech approach, blending the traditional accepted and proven practices with a bit of Star Trek futuristic technology. What could be better?!”

Monika Trnkova, Strategic Planning Manager: “I had the opportunity to work on various projects within different teams throughout the technological and business parts of the company. I enjoy a dynamic environment, which offers new challenges almost every day. I appreciate our company’s environment which enables professional growth, encourages an individual approach to work, and where everyone can make an impact.”

Matus Gajdos, R&D Manager: “I am with GA Drilling for more than eight years and during this period I was offered with significant professional and career growth. I really like a combination of swift start-up mentality and robust support from your management and colleagues.”

Marian Kamendy, Infrastructure Manager: “I have been with GA Drilling for almost two years and I really appreciate that GA Drilling has given me the opportunity to work with a great team of experts on a cutting-edge technology which can change the way we live on our planet.”

We Believe in Values

Work in Globally Unique Technology Centre

GA Drilling Technology Centre is covering 4000 m2 with fully and up-to-date equipped laboratories & workshops, offices, production hall, indoor and outdoor testing sites – high pressure/ high temperature chamber, atmospheric wells, as well as a globally unique pressurized test well, which enabling us to simulate any downhole environment.

Atmosphere to Create

Stylish industrial design surrounded by nature create our working environment. Steel, cement and wood are elements, that associate us with our business. Challenging oil and energy industry, robust technology and people oriented, environmental approach. Space for creative work, chat, get-together, as well as for sports. Enjoy our tailor-made green facilities!

Welcome to Bratislava, the Centre of Danube Valley!

An hour from Vienna and two hours from Budapest you can find a a typical European town with rich history and culture. The city lays on Danube river and is surrounded by forest parks and the Carpathian Mountains. Discover the beauty of Bratislava, these days entitled as Danube Valley, and the Slovak country in the very heart of Europe!

Would You Like to Be a Part of It?

Check our vacancies above or apply now to career@gadrilling.com!

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