TSB – Continuous Casing

GA Drilling,in cooperation with industrial partner Weatherford have implemented the project entitled “Thermal Vitrification Casing while Drilling technology”.

The project addressing the need of technologically and economically efficient way of in-situ vitrification method and casing production from surrounding material was funded from Technology Strategy Board (TSB). In contrast to present-day technologies the continuous casing production system is able to work parallel to the drilling process ensuring borehole structure and robustness providing transport and service access route.

The main goal of the 6-month project was to map the potential of this innovative technology.

Based on the project, simplified rig complexity was marked as the major advantage of the technology. This feature reduces the major costs connected with drilling operations – Rig Daily Operating rate. This item is significant mainly in offshore operations which have high logistic and safety requirements. The detailed description of various component costs was described in the market analysis section. The opportunity for the technology is based on hard-to-reach reservoirs represented by tight oil and shale gas reservoirs.