Plasmabit technology

Groundbreaking well construction

Plasmabit benefits

  • Reduces rental time of the rig

  • Increases well stability

  • Reduces rig complexity and logistics

  • Reduces consumables

  • Increases safety


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Oil and gas

Today, 85% of energy is coming from fossil non-renewable resources which is not sustainable.

Geothermal energy

If you drill deep enough anywhere in the world you will reach a rock so hot that it can provide all the energy needed in your local area.

Mining and minerals

Industry is facing increasing challenges to ensure access to raw materials essential for manufacturing and new technologies.

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To become our partner – We have initiated and lead Joint Industry Projects (JIPs) which are a way of creating exclusive knowledge and technology in partnership. Together we look for a solution to a specific problem requiring fundamental and applied research, practical experience and business view. The goal of a JIP is to gain knowhow based on a concerted effort by industrial and research parties. Project addressed in JIP is too complex and costly to be solved by one party alone and require specialized knowledge and equipment, which is not readily available for individual parties.

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