About us

GA Drilling is a high-tech company developing and commercializing a groundbreaking technology platform PLASMABIT. Our technology enables massive time and cost savings compared to relevant existing drilling technologies and opens up vast new possibilities in oil & gas, geothermal energy, mining and tunneling.

Subscale field prototype and all components of our core technology have been already demonstrated in drilling and casing milling. Our team of 100+ professionals has successfully accomplished the first ever plasma milling underwater and the first ever plasma milling in HP/HT environment. First applications are under preparation for onshore and offshore field tests in a short time period.

The first of PLASMABIT applications is particularly addressed to Oil and Gas industry, which faces challenges, such as hard rock drilling, exponential cost growth across the board or raising the level of O&G structures that need to be decommissioned. The initial full product for oil &gas segment to be brought to market in 2019.

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Vision & Core values

“Leader in Bringing 21st Century Technologies to Drilling Industry”



– GA Drilling formed as Geothermal Anywhere
– Full focus on PLASMABIT drilling technology for geothermal applications based on the high energy electrical plasma


– First successful laboratory drilling completed
– First public grant won with total amount over €2.5 contracted


– GA Drilling opened a Research Center for deep drilling in the premises of the Slovak Academy of Sciences
– Demonstration of the 1st generation of PLASMABIT drilling technology.


– New Technology center with prototype test-site established in quarry
– First PLASMABIT field test prototype accomplished
– GA Drilling among the best 25 European high-tech companies within the European Venture Contest


– PLASMABIT JIP heading towards milling applications
– Drilling and milling testing in quarry
– GA Drilling ranked as one of the most dynamic technological innovator’s within the CEE region


– The first ever plasma milling underwater
– The first ever plasma milling in HP/HT environment
– GA Drilling as a technology innovator at EXPO 2015 in Milan


– Advisory board supported by leading industry experts
– GA Drilling being one of the Slovak republic´s representatives during the Slovak EU Presidency – GA Drilling among TOP 5 P&A Pioneers within DecomWorld event


Advisory Board

Investors relations

GA Drilling is currently in the development stage of the first applications of PLASMABIT technology platform with its own financing in the form of private capital and project financing.

We seek potential investors and partners for the next investment stage heading to pilot well and demonstration project participation. If you are an investor or drilling related company, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to send you more information.

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