PLASMABIT Milling is a key application for well intervention with plenty of derived applications as Plug and Abandonment (section milling p&a) within Decommissioning, Re-entry and Wellhead Removal. The process generates much smaller particles than conventional rotary milling. PLASMABIT Milling can easily remove particles from annulus whilst they do not make any restriction in BOP.

Crucial Benefits:

  • Saves time and cost through rapid steel degradation in one run
  • Achieves efficient constant speed of steel/cement milling
  • Generates metallic powder instead of undesirable swarf
  • No plugged annulus and BOP with steel cuttings
  • High reliability of the tool due to the non-contact approach


PLASMABIT Drilling is suitable mainly in a hard rock environment. Non-contact technology challenges extensive wear & tear on bottom hole assembly. New coiled tubing based technology prevent drill pipe stucking, annulus plugging and dramatically restrict the possibility of fishing jobs.

Crucial Benefits:

  • Reduces the rig rental time by higher rate of penetration and no tripping
  • Reduces rig complexity and logistics due to lower requirements on rig and no weight on bit
  • Reduces consumables (drill bits, mud, pipes)
  • Increases safety through automated coiled-tubing based solution
  • Restricts fishing jobs due to no stuck tools

PLASMABIT segments

PLASMABIT technology enables to drill with a constant higher speed, without need to change a drilling bit on regular basis and with increased well stability. These features can be utilized in three main segments:

  • Oil and gas
  • Geothermal energy
  • Mining and minerals
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