Oil and gas

Oil and gas industry faces its biggest challenge due to the low levels of exploration and increased costs for services across the board. When oil well poses a hazard to safety or the environment; or is not capable of oil or gas production then is obliged to be decommissioned. Decommissioning expenditures steady grow as a result of ceasing production of a large proportion of installations, particularly in the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico.

Our target is to offer an economical solution for decommissioning and the well construction market.


Geothermal energy

If you drill deep enough anywhere in the world you will reach in HPHT environment a rock so hot that it can provide all the energy needed in your local area. Current drilling technologies are poorly developed although the potential of deep geothermal energy is significant. The price of deep drilling is exorbitantly high and therefore commercially non-applicable.

Our system is designed to work at extreme conditions associated with deep drilling and may tackle rising costs.



Mining has found itself in deep crisis due to the absence of information gathering tool and inefficient exploration. The industry is facing increasing challenges in ensuring access to raw materials, which are essential for manufacturing and new technologies. Many metallic minerals are either geologically not available or only in relatively small portions which are not accessible efficiently.

Our technology offers distinct benefits over the current process in the evaluation of prospective assets.

PLASMABIT applications

PLASMABIT technology cut the overall drilling and infrastructure costs, as well as drilling time. This is a key factor in onshore, but even more in offshore with significant benefits in our target applications:

  • PLASMABIT Milling
  • PLASMABIT Drilling
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  • PLASMABIT Joint Industry Project
  • Bilateral Industry Projects
  • Investment Rounds
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