Plasma Busters is the name of the stand, where GA Drilling is going to present its achievements at European Researchers’ Night on September 29th in Bratislava. As the regular participant of the greatest festival of science in Slovakia, GA Drilling will perform live experiments, will show the technology and its power, as well as it will demonstrate the latest outcomes of its experiments.

The Slovak invention by the controlled strength of electric plasma in the temperature of 5000 degrees of Celsius, is able to bring cheaper and more available source of energy for all. In the stand at the ground floor of the Old Market Hall in Bratislava Plasma Busters will show their real drilling and milling heads of the PLASMABIT technology and its parts. One of the showpieces will be a prototype of hybrid cable, able to cool, transfer energy and information in extreme pressure and temperature conditions of hundreds of degrees in the Earth’s depths. ‟Team of our scientists saddled a power of plasma to serve us and help sustainability on Earth. They charmed the temperature of the Sun and enwombed it into a hi-tech bit to maximally effect on rock or metal and to be able to perform under the water and in the pressure, like in Mariana Trench,“ Marek Gebura, Head of Research and Development, explained the principle of PLASMABIT.

The Slovak company GA Drilling has eight years of experience in research. They ran the business thanks to their own means, grant support, as well as to private national or foreign investors and industry partners, whose number is still growing. The proprietary PLASMABIT technology is patented by 12 patents. ‟We have state-of-the-art team with university education of the 2nd and 3rd level and we offer challenging job opportunities for highly qualified professions. We succeed in hiring Slovaks from abroad back to homewards and we are proud of it,“ said Igor Kočiš, CEO of GA Drilling.

GA Drilling frequently represents the country at prestigious international events (EXPO Milan 2015, Olympics Rio 2016, Slovak Presidency of the Council of the EU 2016), 4000 sq. meters area of GA Drilling Technology Center is a regular stop of delegacies from Brussels, currently GA Drilling is part of official presentation of the country at the Slovak embassies under the heading ‟Ideas from Slovakia“.

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