On September 30th, 2016 GA Drilling joined the annual festival of science, European Researchers’ Night, that simultaneously took place in about 300 cities across Europe, catering to public interested in science and research. The festival’s theme this year was “The Heart and the Brain of Slovak Science”.

GA Drilling embraced this opportunity and booked stands in Bratislava and Žilina with the theme “Plasma is Cool” serving as a basis for relevant exhibition program and experiments. GA Drilling’s scientists and engineers exhibited a model of plasma technology and demonstrated an array of fascinating physical experiments such as plasma drilling, rotary arc and Jacob’s ladder.

During the public presentation on the main stage, they also introduced the quest for geothermal energy. The core of presentation was plasma-based drilling technology addressing the main challenges of mankind, especially energy, environmental, poverty and water issues that could be significantly improved with the communities’ access to deep geothermal energy sources.

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