GA Drilling as an active member of Decom North Sea, is attending the annual Offshore Decom Conference. The point is clear – to gain latest operator insights into the decommissioning cost challenge and to promote its PLASMABIT technology that reduces well P&A costs by over 40%.

Nigel Jenkins

Nigel Jenkins, Business Growth Advisor of GA Drilling said:

“The UKCS operators face a huge challenge to reduce costs by more than 35% (UK Oil and Gas Authority’ target). There is a clear call for radical action from operators, regulators and industry bodies with the implementation of innovative technologies high on the agenda. GA Drilling answers this call to action with its proven PLASMABIT technology for well P&A.
A recent operator assessment demonstrated upwards of 40% reductions in well P&A costs with the application of PLASMABIT. The size of the prize is enormous. GA Drilling wishes to engage immediately with the UKCS industry to continue trials and deployment following its major investment from, and collaboration with MOL. We are enjoying the energetic networking at the conference”.

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