Tomas Kristofic, Chief Technology Officer, adressed a speech at ITF Members Meeting on 22nd-23rd April 2014 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The event was arranged by Industry Technology Facilitator (ITF), associated with leading O&G operators, oilfield service companies and drilling contractors, an internationally recognized champion for facilitating collaborative development of innovative technologies within the industry.

Tomas Kristofic shared practical insights from running PLASMABIT Joint Industry Project (JIP) within Emerging ITF Project Portfolio Session. PLASMABIT JIP recently completed Phase 2 and now is moving to Phase 3, with primary applications focusing on hardrock drilling and steel removal/P&A. ITF Members Meeting in Abu Dhabi gathered more than 40 leading international O&G companies across the globe.

ITF is tasked with identifying the global technology challenges of its members and offers a cost effective way of solving cross-industry issues. The key fundament of its operations is a JIP platform, which is an effective project launch mechanism that speeds up the development process. GA Drilling is continuing to discuss JIP participation with many other companies all over the world. ITF Members Meeting has provided an unique opportunity to engage more companies into PLASMABIT Joint Industry Project with an intention of strengthening whole initiative.

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