We are pleased to announce the presence of GA Drilling among Top 8 Cleantech companies at the European Venture Contest 2012. Our ranking was based on the independent assessment by the Jury which evaluated more than 850 profiles of different start-ups within the whole year 2012! We were awarded by the Selection Jury as one of the TOP 25 among presenting companies from Cleantech, ICT and Life Sciences segments.

The final round of the Contest was held within European Venture Summit on December, 6th – 7th in Berlin. This year’s event registered the record number of 370 participants, among those 128 presenting companies and 120 investors, who took the active role in the event as expert reviewers, discussion panelists and/or corporate presenters. For more information about the results, please visit official site of the Contest or read a short blog article at Geothermania website.

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