We are proud to announce an important change at Geothermal Anywhere. We are changing our company name to GA Drilling. This rebranding follows a period of expansion and reflects the overall transformation of our company. GA Drilling, as an innovative leader in the development of groundbreaking cost-effective drilling technologies, now intensively cooperates with the oil&gas, mining and geothermal industries.

Igor Kocis, CEO, said of the launch: “Following a very successful year, our technology, products and market evolved to such a degree that we no longer feel that the name Geothermal Anywhere fully reflects who we are.” The new company logo was inspired by the PLASMABIT drilling technology, with design elements that characterize the company and its products: dynamic, efficient, precise and purposeful. “Our new identity helps mirror the fact that we are focused on ensuring the successful commercialization of our technology lines for the oil&gas, mining and geothermal industries – these three colours symbolize our corporate identity,” explained Igor Kocis.

The idea of rebranding was raised in the autumn of 2012, when it was clear that we were transitioning to a company with broader technology applications,” said Tomas Kristofic, CTO. “When our technologies were successfully tested and proven in October, we knew there would never be a better time to rebrand. Both in our upcoming Joint Industry Projects (JIPs) and investment round, the new corporate identity clearly communicates to our current and potential partners that we introduce technologies affecting the whole drilling market,” concluded Tomas Kristofic.

By May 6, 2013, all website content will be moved to our new website at www.gadrilling.com. Also, any e-mail addresses you may have for current Geothermal Anywhere employees will be replaced by the GA Drilling email addresses. These individuals may be reached via email by simply replacing the geoany.com suffix with gadrilling.com.

We are very excited to move forward with a new brand that represents our technology, solutions and commitment to the drilling industry.

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