Igor Kocis, CEO GA Drilling has been selected by New Europe 100 to exclusive list of TOP 100 innovators with Central and Eastern European origin.

Recognized think-thank Res Publica together with Google and the Visegrad Fund, and in cooperation with Financial Times launched the New Europe 100; selection of outstanding challengers who are leading world-class innovation from Central and Eastern Europe.

Igor Kocis expressed his deep gratitude for being nominated to such a prestigious society. “I am pleased to be among individuals, who will proudly represent whole region. By doing even the most ordinary things extraordinarily well, we have been contributing to creation of creative niche of great innovation and we are delighted that public awareness of GA Drilling is gradually raising.”

“We won and effectively invest European R&D funds to our infrastructure. On that basis, we built up a platform that attracts leading industry partners to make a groundbreaking drilling system a reality. With a full respect, we wish to put our company on the map of the most progressive innovative centers in drilling industry.”

New Europe 100 represents individuals and teams embedded in Central and Eastern Europe, who show courage and the potential for global outreach.

TV shot is on the link below (interval 27:11 – 30:08)

Official website of TOP 100 Innovators
New Europe 100

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