“I am absolutely sure in my opinion, because Google has brought something revolutionary in one segment. How did you browse before? Google became irreplaceable. In terms of energetics, this is a similar story. These guys have developed a perfect way of drilling by electric plasma through earth surface in order to challenge contemporary geometrical cost growth” claims Ivan Štefunko, recognized venture capital builder in Slovakia during interview with economic and entrepreneurial weekly TREND.
TREND finds comparison of GA Drilling’s efforts with famous Jules Verne’s novels. Basically, not because the main characters of an audacious desire would strive to reach deep zones of the Earth. The adventure lies in determination to run such a visionary project instead of proceeding with comfortable well established IT businesses. They believe that its efforts would introduce technology of the 21st Century in resistant conservative industry, and furthermore decrease deep-drilling costs. It would be beneficial for the price of electricity on the globe. They are enjoying the support of investors despite the fact that full commercialization would become a reality in several years.
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