We would like to announce that the company GA Drilling (fmr Geothermal Anywhere) is being a member of the FP7 Sustainable Technologies for Calcined Industrial Minerals (STOICISM) Consortium lead by a major industrial mineral producing company and consisting of 17 partners from 8 different European countries. Key contributors on this multidisciplinary platform include several universities, specialized SMEs & corporations, an industry association, as well as applied technology and research institutes.

Focus of the STOICISM project will be to develop sustainable and innovative solutions for minerals processing routes reducing the carbon footprint of several calcined industrial minerals, thereby looking at the whole supply chain from the extraction, waste valorisation and optimisation of the functionality for the end users. More in particular, the advanced (RDI) technologies will be tested for the beneficiation, drying, and calcination of minerals, notably diatomaceous earth (DE), perlite and clay and new technologies for energy production will be evaluated. Eventually, the processes implemented will easily be transferable to other industrial minerals.

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