The ground-breaking technology had special coverage in recognized O&G portals. Offshore Engineer and DecomNews report how GA Drilling hopes to make short shift of section milling using a plasma-based downhole tool technology.

Plasma power (Read full story|Offshore Engineer)
Standard milling operations currently involve removing the wellhead and the Xmas tree, then pulling the production tubing, before deploying a section milling tool, often requiring a sizeable and costly rig. GA Drilling says its solution, PLASMABIT, will be able to mill out sections of tubing or casing, without having to remove wellheads, Xmas trees or production tubing.

Developing game-changing technologies (Read full story|DecomNews)
GA Drilling as Decom North Sea members understands that initial focus is the well plugging and abandonment market. PLASMABIT technology will bring significant cost and time savings in this field. Applications are focused on section milling and slot recovery and subscale field prototypes and all components of the core technology PLASMABIT have been successfully demonstrated. This work has been undertaken at our state of the art Technology Centre with 2,580 qs. meters of laboratory space.

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