On Friday, February 10, the new Oil & Gas Technology Centre in Aberdeen, UK, was officially opened with £180 million investment from UK Government. GA Drilling, represented by its Advisory Board member Nigel Jenkins, was invited to join technology leaders from across the industry, universities and local councils at the opening and learn more about plans to become the go to technology centre for the oil and gas industry in the UK and internationally.

GA Drilling is developing an environmentally sound low cost technology, matching a key focus of the O&GTC – well P&A. The initial projects of O&GTC will help to halve the cost of drilling wells, reduce maintenance costs by up to 50%, and unlock up to three billion barrels of oil currently stranded in small discoveries marginal fields.

Colette Cohen, O&GTC’s Chief Executive, outlined the ambition to transform the North East of Scotland into a global technology hub. GA Drilling’s ambition is to create a joint development project with industry and the O&GTC.

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