PLASMABIT technology, developed by R&D team of GA Drilling, again will represent the Slovak top innovations at the 12th European Researcher’s Night in Bratislava. On September 28th in the Old Market Hall the team of GA Drilling will present principle of the technology and results of their work in the stand called Plasma Busters.

The Slovak invention by the controlled strength of electric plasma in the temperature of 5000 degrees of Celsius, is able to bring cheaper and more available source of energy for all. In the stand at the ground floor of the Old Market Hall Plasma Busters will show a real milling head of the PLASMABIT technology and its parts. One of the showpieces will be a real coiled tubing with cables and clamps, which PLASMABIT is able to mill at tht periphery in extreme near-to-real pressure and temperature conditions of the offshore wells.

PLASMABIT Milling is aimed for plugging and abandonment of wells, which is the market-entry application to be tested in the Norwegian Continental Shelf. ‟In the last twelve months we intensively devoted to development of the milling application, now being tested in near-to-real offshore conditions. Moreover, we succeeded in gaining support of the top European leaders from energy and oil&gas industries and in clearing the ground for new business partnerships. We are getting ready for shift from R&D phase to the commercial one, which commits us to standardise all processes and procedures to the world-class level,“ said Igor Kočiš, CEO a co-founder of GA Drilling.

The Slovak company GA Drilling has nine years of experience in research. They ran the business thanks to their own means, grant support, as well as to private national or foreign investors and industry partners, whose number is still growing. The proprietary PLASMABIT technology is patented by 17 patents. ‟We have a top team of scientists and we offer an opportunity to be a part of the unique project, bringing Slovakia into sight at the world map of technology innovations. We intensively cooperate with inland, as well as foreign universities and gain young talents to return back to Slovakia. We offer long-term scientific interships led by our mentors, which can turn into full-time employment,“ said Andrea Šalingová, HR manager of GA Drilling.

GA Drilling frequently represents the country at prestigious international events (EXPO Milan 2015, Olympics Rio 2016, Slovak Presidency of the Council of the EU 2016), 4000 sq. meters area of GA Drilling Technology Center is a regular stop of delegacies from Brussels, currently GA Drilling is part of official presentation of the country at the Slovak embassies under the heading ‟Ideas from Slovakia“.

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