The groundbreaking PLASMABIT system, able to efficiently reach deep underground energy resources gets a significant spotlight in media worldwide. The plasma-based solution occurred at different occasions in online media, television, and traditional print media as well.

Slovak Presidency in the Council of European Union
Slovak Presidency launched the visual presentation of country’s inventions. The presentation rests on the four elements of innovation. Namely, Ecocapsule (Earth), Kayaks (Water), AeroMobil (Air), PLASMABIT (Fire).

Slovakia introduced elements of innovation
Slovakia opened exhibition at the Council of European Union
Four innovations from Slovakia (TV Markiza)
Interview with chief scientist Mr. Ivan Kočiš (RTVS)

Miroslav Lajčák, Slovak minister of foreign affairs highlights PLASMABIT Technology

Slovak EU Presidency visual presentation

Apart from this, GA Drilling launched social media campaign #RobimeDieryDoEuropy on company’s Twitter and Facebook. The goal of the campaign is to share the excitement from scientific research and development of groundbreaking technology in Slovakia along country’s presidency in EU.

Slovakia’s Startup Craze | Bloomberg
The little nation that could consistently get ahead. Slovak entrepreneurs drive high-tech boom backed by cheap land and skilled workers. Bloomberg spotlights hyperloop capsule, plasma drills and flying cars.

Hyperloop and Flying Cars Add Hype to Slovakia’s Startup Craze
Post-communist country experiences technology boom

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